Los Angeles Panorama, Photo by Devarrick Turner

By Lilian Gonzalez

Homelessness a growing problem in Los Angeles County, more than 400,000 people were counted as homeless from January 2017 to August 2020, according to Neighborhood Data for Social Change (NDSC). From January to August of this year, since the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened and millions of people have found themselves unemployed, over 108,000 were homeless, NDSC data shows.

Nonprofit organizations which help the homeless, like Midnight Mission which has three facilities in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, and South Bay), are a safety net for people with no place to live and who lack basic needs…

(Photo/Lilian Gonzalez)

By Lilian Gonzalez

Randa Hinton was blissfully watching the movie, “Book Club,” when she thought about the idea of starting a podcast on how to find a job during uncertain times. Hinton quickly reached out to Anika Fisch, a friend from the University of Southern California, who she had known for only 10 months. Hinton texted Anika and asked her if she wanted to start a podcast for job seekers.

From a quick friendship to a spontaneous idea Hinton texted Anika, “I was like, hey, I want to start a podcast talking about trying to find a job during a…

Lilian Gonzalez

Multimedia Journalist and Entertainment Reporter

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